UFS is a mutual organisation, which means it is owned entirely by its members, not by shareholders or investors. Any profits we generate are invested back into the company for the benefit of members, customers and the community.

UFS (United Friendly Societies) was established as a friendly society in Ballarat over 140 years ago and we’ve cared for many generations of families in the western region of Victoria over those years.

To deliver on our purpose of empowering more people to live longer, healthier lives, we now operate 19 pharmacies, three medical centres, one Priority Primary Care Centre (for medical care when it’s urgent but not an emergency, Supercare Nursing Services and Peace & Quiet day spa.

Our Purpose

To empower more people to live longer, healthier lives.

Our Vision

To be a leading partner in connecting more people to high quality, integrated healthcare across our regions.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Care at our core
  • Operate as one
  • Redefine performance
  • Be on the pulse
  • Dispense hope and joy

UFS has a long and proud history of responding to the needs of the community and caring for generations of Ballarat families.

Membership is open to anyone, and costs just $10 per year. Check the benefits of UFS membership here.