UFS Medication Packing Service

UFS Medication Packing Service – helping you manage your medicines better

Your medication sachets, also known as dose administration aids, come in a handy dispenser and can include up to 10 different tablets per sachet, per dose time, for the week, and can be prepared either weekly or fortnightly for you.

Each sachet is clearly labelled with

  • Your name
  • The date and day of the week
  • Your dose time
  • Names of the medicines
  • The quantity you take of each tablet

UFS Pharmacies also still offer blister packs (also known as Webster packs).

Dose administration aids are a great way to keep track of when to take your prescribed doses of medication. These packs contain tablets and capsules according to when they should be taken and are well sealed, tamper-evident devices.  They make it easy to know when to take the medication, whether you have already taken your does and also help to ensure the medications are taken in the correct prescribed doses. The use of a dose administration aid can help take the worry out of managing your medications. They are particularly useful for people who need to take medications several times a day.

Some of the benefits for having your medications packed for you include

  • Easy to check to see if medication has been taken
  • Reduces errors in your medication
  • Eliminates stress and time needed to manage your own medications and scripts with the help of your pharmacy
  • Convenient and portable
  • Peace of mind for family and loved ones

Your medication pack can be delivered right to your door by our delivery drivers free of charge, or can be collected from any UFS Pharmacy.

To locate your nearest UFS Pharmacy, click here.

Are you going away on holidays?

Simply advise us of your upcoming holiday, and we will ensure you have enough medication packs to take away with you.

Are you currently in hospital?

Take your medication pack with you to hospital, or in an emergency situation, inform them that you are a medication pack patient through a UFS Pharmacy. The hospital will liaise with us regarding your current medication list and advise of any changes to medication at the time of your discharge. We will cease your medication pack while you are in hospital, and fill a new pack for delivery or collection at the time of your discharge, incorporating any changes that have been made to your medication during your hospital stay.

Here’s what people have said about the UFS Medication Packs

“The sachets are easy to use —much easier than opening bottles” – Jean

“The description of each tablet is extremely beneficial. I find the management of the pack service to be of a high standard” – Bruce