Scan your UFS membership card to Stocard in seconds and never miss out on your discount!

Is your wallet overflowing with cards? Are you sick of never being able to find the card you want? You can now store your UFS membership card on your phone in seconds and be able to access it at the touch of a button. Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Install the Stocard app to your device to access your cards anywhere
  2. Open the Stocard app on your device
  3. Click on the “+” button in the top right corner (iOS) or lower right corner (Android) of the screen
  4. Type UFS Healthcare into the search field or scroll through the list and select UFS Healthcare
  5. Scan your UFS membership card and press save. This member number is your individual identifier and can not be shared or used by any other individual.
  6. When shopping at UFS simply open the Stocard app on your phone, select UFS Healthcare card and present your phone at the register to ensure you always receive your discount